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Po Leung Kuk Museum

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Current Exhibition


Boundless Compassion

A Place To Call Home: Po Leung Kuk Museum Historic Photo Exhibition
Online Exhibition


Using "Home" as the main theme, this exhibition walks you through moments of Po Leung Kuk oldest residence service , and traces the steps Po Leung Kuk has taken with the community. Divided into three parts: Happy Childhood, Protection and Shelter, and Care and Nurture, the exhibition showcases historic phototographs of the Kuk's children residents from 1950s to 1970s, allowing the public to take a glimpse on their daily life and "visit" the place they called "home". Togather with interviews of former residents, we invite you to hear the heartwarming Po Leung stories told by former Kuk residents, and feel the warmth of Po Leung Kuk services.

Exhibition Hall

Permanant Exhibition

Leslie Kwing-Wai Lam Exhibition Hall


Services of Po Leung Kuk cover different stratum of Hong Kong's society, creating an inseparable relation between the Kuk and the social welfare development of Hong Kong. In chronical order, the permanant exhibition traces the evolution of Po Leung Kuk since late 19th century, from an organisation to prevent kidnapping to one of the largest social service organisation in Hong Kong, and showcases its importance of the Kuk in Hong Kong society and history. Exhibits included various documents and artifacts from 1878 when the Kuk was established, and valuable first hand records which tells the unique story and traditionis of Po Leung Kuk.


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Kwan Ti Hall

Converging Benevolence:
Television and Movie Fundraising

Leslie Kwing-Wai Lam Exhibition Hall
1/12/2019 - 1/2/2022


Development of Po Leung Kuk is supported by the continuous goodwill of donors and the indispensable contribution of the public. With the popularisation of mass entertainment like movie and television in the 1960s, Po Leung Kuk followed the trend and started to organise fundraising events on various media platforms, using the appeal from celebrities and array of spectacular shows to raise public awareness on the charitable work of Po Leung Kuk. 


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Past Exhibition 

Boundless Compassion



"Boundless Compassion: The Origin of Po Leung Kuk Rehabilitation Service" Historic Photo Exhibition

This online thematic exhibition focuses on the Kuk’s rehabilitation service. Featuring historic photos from the 1970s and 1980s, the exhibition traces the origin and important milestones, and brings visitor on a retrospective view at the path of the history of this meaningful service.