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Compassion and Harmony

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Po Leung Kuk offers over 900,000 service visits annually, services span across different social strata and groups. Acting as a bridge between all levels of the society, we set up rehabilitation centres, operate social enterprises, implement equal opportunity and non-discriminatory employment policies, and open doors for the underprivileged by offering jobs and training, aspiring to link up all walks of life in building a compassionate and harmonious society.



Let disabled persons unleash their potentials

Po Leung Kuk actively responds to the needs of the society by arranging vocational skill training, career counselling and referral services for more than 1,100 disabled persons aged 15 or above. Rehabilitation centres are set up to provide hands-on working experience in real life working environment, assisting them to integrate into the society.


The centres’ businesses include crafts making, daily necessities production and processing, mail processing, laundry, needlework, sales, hydroponic farming and car care services. Over the past few years, numbers of disabled persons successfully entered the job market after training and referral. The handicrafts created by our trainees attracted purchases from enterprises, enabling them to showcase their talents, integrate into the society and greatly enhance their self-confidence.


For details, please visit the “Vocational Rehabilitation Services Centres” website.







Social Enterprises

The social enterprises operated by the Kuk provide training and job opportunities for the underprivileged and people with disabilities, so as to strengthen their self-confidence and achieve self-reliance. The proceeds are used for the sustainable development of the business.


Aiming to promote healthy lifestyle to the customers, “d” provides job opportunities to the underprivileged in the community, and offers catering services for the district. The on-the-job training helps the employees from the underprivileged groups to develop their working abilities and engage them with the society.


At the same time, Po Leung Kuk provides holistic care services to serve the daily needs of the elderly. The Kuk’s social enterprise “Wellness ONE” supports the elderly in need to receive the rental and sales services of rehabilitation products at affordable price. It also encourages the public to donate second-hand rehabilitation equipment for frail elders to enjoy their golden years.


For more details about our social enterprises, please visit the “Delish ONE” and “Wellness ONE” websites.



Support Programme for Employees with Disabilities (SPED)

Po Leung Kuk has been commissioned by the Social Welfare Department to serve as the SPED Administrator. Acting as the link between employers and employees with disabilities, the Kuk inspects, supervises and assesses the workplace, and recommends the list of assistive devices and workplace modifications for the employers. The programme has supported more than 200 enterprises and organisations since its implementation, facilitating the employment of persons with disabilities and enhance their work efficiency, as well as deepen public understanding and combat prejudices against them.


Equality in Employment Policy

The Kuk advocates for a fair and inclusive working environment. We strictly comply with the law, ensuring our employees and job applicants would not face any discrimination or unfair treatment on the ground of sex, marital status, pregnancy, family status, disability or race. The complaint mechanism has also been set up to handle employee complaints in a fair and impartial manner, with the assurance that all information provided are kept strictly confidential.