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Our Collection

The Petition

The Petition 1878-1881



The Petition (1878-1881)

“The Petition” is the earliest and most valued record kept by Po Leung Kuk, detailing the origins of our organisation. It recorded the original petition submitted by our four founding directors to then Governor of Hong Kong, Sir John Pope Hennessy.

Annals of Po Leung Kuk

Annals of Po Leung Kuk 1887-1955



Annals of Po Leung Kuk (1887-1955)

The Annals recorded events of all kinds encountered by the Kuk in its early years, including board meeting minutes, the admittance and release of women and children, correspondences with external organisations and petitions, which serve as a rich source in gaining insight in the everyday work in Po Leung Kuk.

Minutes of the Committee of Po Leung Kuk

Minutes of the Committee of Po Leung Kuk 1930-1967



Minutes of the Committee of Po Leung Kuk (1930-1967)

Minutes served as a record for discussions and decisions made in the Committee of Po Leung Kuk. Its contents are critical in understanding the origins of the Kuk’s policies.

Statements of the Admitted

Statements of the Admitted 1891-1951



Statements of the Admitted (1891-1951)

In its early years, the Kuk had been obtaining statements of the admitted women and children. Information inquired from the victims, such as their ancestry and involvement in the case were compiled for easier access in future. The Statements are invaluable sources for academic research in the lives of women and children between the 19th and 20th century.


 Annual Reports (Zhengxinlu) 1904-1950



Annual Reports (Zhengxinlu) (1904-1950)

In the early 20th century, the Kuk published Annual Reports to improve transparency of the organisation’s work. The Report listed its directors and permanent directors from the day of its establishment, victims admitted and financial transactions during the year.

Annual Reports

Annual Reports 1947-today




Annual Reports (1947-today)

After World War II, the Kuk began to produce a modern format of the Annual Report. Compiled with records and photographs, the public may access the information on the Kuk’s latest services. Annual Reports continue to be published today, allowing the public to keep in touch with every part of the charity.

Press Clips

Press Clips 1930-today




Press Clips (1930-today)

Since the 1930s, Po Leung Kuk has been active in maintain a bank of clips of newspaper reports on the Kuk.