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Activities will be conducted in Cantonese only. For the details of the programme, please refer to the Chinese version.



【Self Ecology Exploration Experience - 《Ecology Exploration Guidebook》】(Chinese version only)

Ecology Exploration Guidebook


Please refer to Chinese version for more details.


Enquiries:2792 4302 

Green TIPs

"Clothing", "Eating", "Living" and "Traveling" are four core aspects of modern living. In dealing with the increasingly serious environmental pollution problem, we are here to give you some green tips to make your living greener!



  1. Support used clothes recycling scheme. Donate clean and used clothes to green groups for recycling.
  2. Do not buy clothes that you do not need. Do not buy clothes from fast fashion brands to follow trends.
  3. Choose appropriate clothes based on the weather.




  1. Finish all the food to avoid wastage.
  2. Eating less meat and plenty of vegetables. Eat less amount of red meat with high carbon dioxide emissions, such as beef and lamb etc.
  3. Choose local and seasonal product to reduce the carbon footage.
  4. Choose sustainable seafood to minimizes impact on the environment
  5. Ask for "Less rice" if necessary. Share the dish with friends to avoid wasting food.



  1. Swich off electric appliances and unplus the power to save the energy.
  2. Fit flow controller onto water tap or shower to reduce water consumption.
  3. Choose compact fluorescent lamp and switch off the light when you are not in use.
  4. Take cold shower in summer helps to reduce the use of energy.




  1. Use public transport instead of private vehicles.
  2. Use environment-friendly petrol such as unleaded petrol to reduce air pollution.
  3. Walk or ride a bicycle for short journeys.
  4. Reduce air travel can reduce the CO2 emissions.


In order to encourage campers in adopting green measures to reduce waste and go green, we also launch the "Green Camp and Waste Reduction Charter".

 Green Camp and Waste Reduction Charter