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Collaboration with Corporates

Po Leung Kuk values our partnership with corporates. The Kuk works with corporate in developing various community service plans having regard to the service needs and priorities of the corporates. Through generous donation, sponsorship and volunteer services, the resources donated by corporates are brought to those in need. Many corporates have been collaborating with us for years and become our steadfast partners in serving the community.





Volunteer Activities

Besides supporting us by donation, corporate partners also participate in our volunteer activities to bring love and care to the community.




We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude towards donors, corporate partners and organisations that have kindly donated to the Kuk.

We would also like to thank the volunteers who have supported our services to connect our service users with different communities.



Caring Company Scheme

We have successfully nominated 37 companies and organisations in 2021/22 to participate in the Caring Company Scheme organised by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, in recognition of their compassion and efforts extended towards the Kuk’s service users.