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Stakeholders’ Collaboration

Po Leung Kuk works with corporates and individual donors in developing various community service plans having regard to the service needs and priorities of the corporates and donors. Through generous donation, sponsorship and volunteer services, the resources donated by corporates and donors are brought to those in need. Many corporates and donors have been collaborating with us for years and become our steadfast partners in serving the community.




Realising Corporate Social Responsibility with us


Why choose Po Leung Kuk?

  1. Trustworthy:One of the largest charitable organisations which has served Hong Kong for 146 years. The Kuk is governed by the Po Leung Kuk Ordinance (Cap. 1040) to ensure proper oversight of service operations and use of donations.
  2. Efficient use of resources and operation: Po Leung Kuk’s overall administration costs are low, 2.84% of our total operating costs.
  3. Experienced in diverse corporate collaboration: Po Leung Kuk has collaborated with corporates of different types and sizes for diverse projects with extensive experience.
  4. Extensive community network to reach beneficiaries: Po Leung Kuk has over 300 service units across different districts. Experience in wide-ranging services in education, social services, medical services, recreation and culture allows us to plan integrated programmes to cover different scopes and reach out to broad service recipients of different background.
  5. Committed, forward-looking and innovative value-added services: Po Leung Kuk has launched innovative services in addition to the existing government-funded projects to meet the needs of the community. The Kuk is usually commissioned by the government to implement innovative pilot schemes. We have extensive experience in corporate collaboration to co-create forward-looking solutions.


Forms of collaboration

Corporates and donors can support Po Leung Kuk through the following ways:


choose plkdonatecollaborate
1. Choosing Po Leung Kuk as the beneficiary organisation2. Supporting our various relief funds and donation programmes3. Funding corporate partnership programmes   
sponsorsocial entreprisevolunteer
4. Sponsoring our fundraising activities 5. Supporting our social enterprise products and services6. Volunteering and donating goods 


Showcase of Corporates and Donors Support



Po Leung Kuk launched the 'Passing on Love and Blessings' Giving Programme, allowing donors or their family to donate through legacy giving and insurance policy donations etc. for charitable purposes, passing on their benevolence, blessing and benefiting more lives. For more information, please click here.



The benefits of collaborating with Po Leung Kuk

1. Establishing a positive brand image2. Gaining recognition and support from generic public3. Achieving promotional purpose4. Fulfilling corporate social responsibility


Caring Company Scheme

We have successfully nominated 40 companies and organisations in 2023/24 to participate in the Caring Company Scheme organised by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, in recognition of their compassion and efforts extended towards the Kuk’s service users.




We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude towards donors, corporate partners and organisations that have kindly donated to the Kuk.

We would also like to thank the volunteers who have supported our services to connect our service users with different communities.



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