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Staff Welfare Activities

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We treasure every staff member as an important driving force to support the service provision of Po Leung Kuk. Through organizing a variety of health and welfare activities and gathering staff discounts, we wish to establish strong bonding among individuals and teams. To strengthen the sense of belonging as well as work-life balance for the sake of quality services and carrying on our mission in serving the community.




Mosaic Lamp Making Workshop

Mosaic lamps are traditional handicrafts where employees used geometric glass pieces to creatively assemble patterns on lampshades, resulting in a dazzling effect when illuminated.





Yoga Experience Class

In Hong Kong's busy and stressful lifestyle, we have selected basic yoga poses suitable for beginners to help employees release stress through body stretching.








Cooking Class

Through a comprehensive workshop offering exquisite dessert making and teaching, employees can showcase their culinary skills and enjoy the pleasure of cooking.





Scented Stone Workshop - Joyful Painting of Easter Bunny

In collaboration with the Kuk social enterprise "Artsy One", this workshop allows participants to create unique scented stone displays with assistance from our instructors. Employees only need to regularly add a small amount of fragrance oil to the finished product, and the pleasant scent will gradually diffuse throughout the room.






DIY Aromatherapy Skincare Products Class

Aromatherapy essential oils are beneficial for skincare, and their fragrances can also help people relax and relieve tension. In this workshop, employees can learn about organic essential oils and DIY their own aromatherapy facial serum oil and lotion, customized to their needs.






​​​​​​​Board of Directors and Headquarters Staff Celebration Dinner

The Kuk held a Headquarters staff celebration dinner on November 24, 2023. The theme of the event was "Masquerade Ball," featuring a costume contest. Additionally, there were activities such as a photo booth, lucky draw, and awards ceremony. Employees dressed up according to the theme, using different props and makeup techniques to showcase unique styles and enhance the atmosphere of the venue.