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About Po Leung Kuk

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Po Leung Kuk Main Building

The Founding of Po Leung Kuk

In the late 19th Century, abduction and trafficking of women and children were serious crimes in Hong Kong. On 8th November, 1878, a group of local Chinese presented a petition to the Governor, Sir John Pope Hennessy, K.C.M.G., to set up Po Leung Kuk to rescue the kidnapped victims. The “Society for the Protection of Women and Children” was approved by the Hong Kong Governor in May, 1880, but as the petition was submitted on 8th November, 1878, that date was adopted as our founding date.

“Po Leung”, translating literally as protection of the young and the innocent, represents the core vision of our organisation. Formally established as the Society for the Protection of Women and Children in 1880, in our long history we have prevented and resolved kidnappings, protected destitute women and children, and assisted the Secretary for Chinese Affairs (under British Rule) as a mediator in complex family and marriage disputes.

In line with the economic development of Hong Kong over the past century, the range of services and coverage we provided to the community constantly expanded as welfare needs evolved. Today, we are Hong Kong’s leading social service organisation and fundraiser. Under a modern corporatised management structure, we are able to utilise donation dollars to maximize the returns to our most important stakeholder – the community.



Po Leung Kuk core value

The Kuk's Spirit

Mutual Respect, United Effort, Benevolence, Charitable, Gratefulness and Recognition, Dedication to Serving the Community.


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Children are nurtured, Youngsters are educated, Adults are supported to contribute, Elderly are cared for, The less fortunate are lightened with hope.


elderly caring


To be the most prominent and committed charitable organisation.
In the Kuk's Spirit to do good deeds with benevolence. Dedicated in protecting the young and the innocent, caring for the elderly and the underprivileged, aiding the poor and healing the sick, educating the young and nurturing their morality, providing recreation to the public, caring for the environment, passing on the cultural inheritance and bringing goodness to the community.


caring each other


Fine traditions, Accommodate the current needs, People-oriented, Care and appreciation, Sound governance, Pragmatic and innovative, Integrity, Vigilance, Optimal use of resources, Cost-effectiveness, Professional team, Service with heart





Po Leung Kuk provides multifaceted and quality social, educational, recreational, cultural services and medical and integrated health services to all ages in the community through its over 300 service units. The Kuk attends to more than 1,800,000 visits for services per year in the past 3 years with about 45,000 students of its affiliated schools.



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