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Delish ONE (Former "Sunny Cafe")

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Cafe Sunny


Delish ONE is the first social enterprise of Po Leung Kuk that provides catering services, job opportunities and on-the-job training are provided to the underprivileged group.


It promotes healthy diet and serves delicate take-away menus for breakfast, lunch and tea, as well as offers catering services to the customers.


Bond into ONE, United as ONE




Contact Us

Address︰Unit 507, 5/F, Tin Ching Amenity and Community Building, Tin Ching Estate, Tin Shui Wai, N.T.

Telephone︰3464-0935(Shop) / 6414-4676(Catering Service)

Fax︰3464-0937(Shop) / 2486-3579(Catering Service)

Email︰[email protected]


Monday to Saturday︰07:30 至 16:30
Sunday and Public Holiday︰ Make to order only 


Daily Menu   Catering Menu 




Cafe Sunny