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Adventure Training Course

Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp can tailor adventure training courses to suit the needs of any organization. Depending on the age, physical condition, experience of the participants and the objective of the training, our coaches can design specific programs to maximise the effectiveness of training.

Content of the Courses

  • Warm up and practice games
  • Establish mutual trust
  • Team building
  • Communication tasks
  • Decision making and problem solving activities
  • Individual challenges

Type of courses

  • School interactive course
  • Corporate organisation course

Training Courses

One-Day Course 2-Day / 1-Night Course
Capacity: Minimum 30 persons Capacity: Minimum 18 persons
Time: 9:00am-5:00pm Time: 3:00pm-2:00pm (following day)

$400 per person (weekday)

$500 per person (weekend)


$550 per person (weekday)

$700 per person (weekend)

Remarks: Includes camp fee, meals, venue rental charge and coach fee


Please refer to Chinese Version


Apart from the One-Day or Two-Day One-Night Adventure Course, the Camp can provide optional adventure training programs. Organizations can enjoy more flexibility in arranging their training schedule.

After a successful booking of the camp date, if you would like to organize adventure training programs, please call the Camp Office at least 21 days in advance to arrange with the camp staff.

  • Warm-Up Activities
  • Introductory Activities
  • Foundation Adventure Activities - Low Risk

Activities Information (Chinese Version Only)

Training Information 历奇训练参考表

Booking Form 历奇训练預訂表

Optional Activities 自选历奇项目

The camp provides equipment and facility rental for more than 30  adventure activities. Organizations can rent equipment or a facility and organize their own training.

After successful booking of the camp date according to the normal booking procedure, you should call the Camp Office at least 14 days before the date to arrival to confirm the booking of adventure training equipments and facilities.


Booking Form (Chinese Version Only) 参考表


One Day Course / Optional Course


High Event Course

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