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“Boundless Compassion.Solidarity in Action” COVID-19 Response Programme

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Po Leung Kuk increases warm clothes distribution to the grassroots to counter the fourth wave of pandemic 
Please donate and support our "Boundless Compassion ‧ Solidarity in Action" COVID-19 Response Programme now

The coronavirus pandemic remains volatile as winter sets in. This COVID-19 crisis has ravaged Hong Kong’s economy for almost a year. Many grassroots families are facing drastic income shortfalls and difficulties in coping with daily food expenditure due to underemployment or unemployment. Since May of this year, Po Leung Kuk has launched the “Boundless Compassion.Solidarity in Action” COVID-19 Response Programme to provide food packs, hot meals and nutrition packs for the low incomed, jobless needy and grassroots children, more than 100,000 service attendances were benefitted by the programme. Po Leung Kuk will continue the programme in providing food assistance, with additional seasonal soup packs and warm clothes to the grassroots community. Corporate volunteers are also invited to send warm wishes to the underprivileged by handwritten cards during this difficult times.


Food and nutrition supplies

Po Leung Kuk delivers food packs/ nutrition packs to the service recipients through its service units including food bank “Blue Sky Short-term Food Assistance Service Project”, child care service units and Shek Kip Mei Community Services Centre, to supplement the basic nutritional needs of the grassroots families, in particular their children. The Po Leung Kuk Community Canteens have also increased the distribution of hot meals to the needy (including the elderly, the disabilities and the unemployed). The Kuk subsequently increased the amount of hot meals and food vouchers for distribution, include offering food assistance to eligible students and their families through the affiliated schools. Free treatments were also provided to eligible persons at nearly 20 service points under the Kuk’s four Chinese Medicine Mobile Clinics and all integrated health centres with Chinese medicine services.


Increases warm clothes distribution to the grassroots to counter the fourth wave of pandemic

To counter the recent fourth wave of the pandemic, Po Leung Kuk has extended theBoundless Compassion.Solidarity in Action” COVID-19 Response Programme. Besides offering food assistance, seasonal soup packs and warm clothing such as knitted hats, scarves and down jackets are added to the distribution packs, and attached with the handwritten cards by volunteers from corporates and all sectors. The cards are filled with messages conveying positive vibes and kindness, which hopes to warm both the hearts and stomachs of the grassroots and the needy during the pandemic winter.

Every HK$350 donated by our benefactors will enable a person with low-income, jobless or in need to receive food packs/ hot meals for a week, or provide a nutrition pack to a child from grassroots families. With the growth in donation, the Kuk hopes to ally with more organizations in various districts to expand the distribution network and implement more anti-pandemic measures, so as to benefit more families in need. All administrative expenses of this programme are sponsored by the Kuk’s Board of Directors, ensuring every dollar you donate will go directly to our service recipients.

Endless service in our fight against the pandemic

Po Leung Kuk has launched a series of anti-pandemic supportive measures, including the distribution of anti-pandemic supplies to over 18,000 households of the grassroots families, free medical consultation services by its Chinese Medicine Mobile Clinics, subsidies on school fees and other miscellaneous charges and the launching of anti-pandemic exercising short videos, etc. The Kuk will introduce other necessary supportive measures to assist members of the community, who are adversely affected by the pandemic. Your donation will allow the Kuk to respond swiftly and effectively to meet the needs in the society.


Collaboration with corporates to tide over the difficult times with the grassroots community

Corporates are cordially invited to stand together with Po Leung Kuk by generous donations, volunteer services or sponsorships. For more details, please contact us at 2277 8105 or email to [email protected]

Corporates Support

Shun Tak

Shun Tak Holdings Limited
Corporate volunteers from Shun Tak Holdings Limited has created some handwritten cards which filled with their blessing and encouraging words and children’s drawings, together with their handwoven bags, to convey positive vibes and kindness to the underprivileged. The cards and bags will be delivered with food, soup packs and warm clothes, wishing to warm both the hearts and stomachs of the grassroots and the needy during the pandemic winter.





Bank of China (Hong Kong)
As the long-term partner of Po Leung Kuk, BOCHK has made an instant donation of HK$1 million amid the pandemic, enabling the Kuk to hand out the anti-pandemic supplies to the needy in a timely manner. BOCHK also sponsored food packs, 23 corporate volunteers had visited the Po Leung Kuk Blue Sky Short-term Food Assistance Service Project and Shek Kip Mei Community Services Centre in batches to prepare different food supplies and showed their support and care to the grassroots families and the elderly.






DSE candidates join the league to send warmth to the grassroots recipients

The lives of the grassroots community are adversely affected by the pandemic, so do the DSE candidates this year.  Despite the constant challenges, if everyone shows more compassion to others, it would become the best medicine to fight the pandemic. About 110 DSE candidates from our 15 affiliated secondary schools formed as a volunteer team during the summer vacation and offered manpower support to the Kuk’s services units in various districts. They distributed hot meals and food packs to the grassroots recipients with blessings and warmth.  


1) Besides the food packs funded by the Government at the food bank “Blue Sky Short-term Food Assistance Service Project”, the Kuk will replenish the food packs for eligible individuals, so as to support the grassroots families during these difficult times.
2) Donations above HK$10,000 will be acknowledged on the programme website and in our newsletter “PLK Life ”.
3) Enquiry Hotline:2277 8237 (Donation) 2277 8198(Food Packs/ Hot Meals)



Donation Methods

1. Online donation


2.  Scan and donate via QR Code of Faster Payment System (FPS)



3. Download donation form


4. Donate via banks / 7-Eleven
Please direct deposit your donation to the following Po Leung Kuk bank accounts or settle the payment at any 7-Eleven stores, and mail the original receipt to “Po Leung Kuk Fundraising Department, 10/F, Vicwood K.T. Chong Building, 66 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong”. Please write your name, contact number and indicate “Boundless Compassion.Solidarity in Action” COVID-19 Response Programme upon the receipt.

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