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A Mother of 70 Children – Mrs. Chan, Parent of Small Group Home

“If I can teach a kid to be good, there will be one less bad people in the society.”

This belief has driven Mrs. Chan to be persevere in providing meticulous care to 70 children in the Small Group Home of Po Leung Kuk no matter rain or shine for 23 years. 


Mr. and Mrs. Chan are the “parents” of the Kuk’s Small Group Home. They rendered home life and residential care to children who are in need of out-of-home care due to family difficulties at the Small Group Home. The couple accompanied them in every festival. They cooked the kids a big meal in Christmas, or brought their “sons and daughters” to the flower market during Chinese New Year…… 


Recalling her road to become a full-time “mom”, Mrs. Chan said, “The news often report that many kids are led astray because of family problems. When I occasionally read the Po Leung Kuk’s advertisement about parents recruitment for the Small Group Home, I found this job so meaningful and want to contribute myself to raising up good kids for the society.” 
Mrs. Chan does not ask for any rewards from her “sons and daughters”, she feels contented as long as they grow up kind and healthy. “One of them is now a boss of his own logistics company.” The couple’s excitement is beyond words whenever talking about the achievements of the children. On the other hand, their “sons and daughters” are also very well-behaved. They often sent their “parents” with surprising gifts, for instance, their hand-knitted scarfs and own drawings at the reunion dinner on Chinese New Year’s Eve. The little goodwill from the children always motivates Mr. and Mrs. Chan to keep up their commitment as the parents of Small Group Home.  



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