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Primary School Consultation Service

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Primary School Consultation Service

Primary School Consultation Service serves the stationing school social workers/student guidance personnel and aims to ensure the provision of high-quality all-around guidance services for the students. Guided by experienced social worker, the school personnel would be able to receive continuous training and prompt support based on their own experience, personal and professional strengths and weaknesses, as well as the schools' needs. We are currently providing the service to 18 primary schools.



With years of professional experience, we help stationing school social workers/student guidance personnel reflect and develop professionally by better understanding the relation of the personal system and guidance service, and deliver all-around high-quality service for schools and students.


Scope of Work

  • Guided by experienced social workers, provide regular case consultation services for social workers, including casework techniques and expertise consultation, assessment and intervention of child abuse and other high-risk cases, etc.
  • On-site school crisis intervention
  • Professional training for social workers
  • Regular meetings with the school and sponsoring body to review service progress and ensure its quality


Service Targets
Stationing school social workers/student guidance personnel and school teachers



Student Guidance and Support Services

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