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Project of Healthy Teenagers

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Student Development Services


Project of Healthy Teenagers


Beginning in September 2013, the Kuk provides its 17 secondary schools with diverse anti-drug activities and school drug testing in the Project of Healthy Teenagers, funded by Narcotics Division of the Security Bureau.


  • Promote appropriate values of healthy life and anti-drug awareness
  • Strengthening students' resistance to temptation and build an anti-drug culture in schools
  • Help students cultivate positive attitudes, health awareness and life skills for whole person development
  • Enhance students' physical, mental and physical well-being, and equip them with the positive values, attitudes and skills to resist temptation of drugs

Service Target/Scope

Students from F1 to F6, parents and teachers
Programmes include health test, student and parent workshops, teacher training and outdoor visit

Introduction of Main Services

  • Exhibition
  • School Competition
  • Health Test
  • Student Workshop
  • Parent Workshop
  • Teachers Training
  • Outdoor Visit


Youth Development Services

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