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Student Development Services

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Student Development Services


We provide various development services to meet the needs of students and schools, including talks and group trainings for students on personal growth, sex education, information literacy, STEM, leadership training and community services. Services for parents and teachers include talks and activities on communication skills, SEN care, and adaptation talk for students from P1 to F1. In addition, we manage different grants such as Quality Education Fund (QEF), Funding Scheme for Children's Well-being and Development (CoC Scheme) to develop activity plans for schools, including Project of Healthy Teenagers, Healthy Mission, “Work Voluntarily Voluntary Work” Promotion of Voluntarism Project and Soaring Dreams Youth Development Fund. By providing students with emotional education, life education, health education and other supports, we aim to nurture and encourage positive values and behaviors in them, as well as enhancing their adversity quotient.




Student Development Services

(Formerly known as Student Support Services)

Address: 66 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Tel.: 2277 8536

Fax.: 2331 9846

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: PoLeungKukStudentSupportServices

Instagram: @poleungkuksss