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Po Leung Kuk Museum

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Portrait of Aw Boon-haw


  • Mr. Aw Boon-haw was a renowned Chinese merchant in the early 20th century and established businesses across Singapore and Hong Kong, including the Tiger Balm liniment brand and Sing Tao Daily.
  • During the Japanese Occupation, Mr. Aw had donated several hundred thousands dollars of cash and materials to Po Leung Kuk as relief, despite not being a director of the Kuk. To commemorate his generosity during hardship, a portrait  of Mr. Aw has been hung in Kwan Ti Hall.

  • The calligraphy of the inscriptions were provided by Mr. Cen Guang-yue, a well-respected calligrapher and former official of Qing Dynasty.

  • Painted by Zhao Feng in 1953.

  • Zhao Feng was a painter specialised in local and natural scenery. Once employed as an art editor of Sing Tao Daily, Zhao was commissioned to produce portraits of Mr. Aw, usually decorated with a lively tiger. The current portrait in Kwan Ti Hall is an example of such. 



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