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Bank of China (Hong Kong) Donation Programmes

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The Kuk received a generous donation from the Bank of China (Hong Kong) (BOCHK) in 2019 to support various service projects in 4 categories over a 5-year period, mainly community outreach, spreading care, physical and mental wellness and building a future, to serve all walks of life. In addition to funding the various service projects of Po Leung Kuk, Bank of China (Hong Kong) also actively mobilises its staff to perform corporate social responsibility continuously through different ways of volunteering in realising the concept of “Volunteering Together” for extending love and care.


In addition, Bank of China (Hong Kong) made a donation in this period to support Po Leung Kuk to implement the “Y Plus+ Pilot Scheme on Mental Health Supporting Service for Schools”, which aims to support the mental health needs of secondary school students by providing them with in-school activities, and at the same time enhance their knowledge, analytical skills and attitudes towards mental health issues, thus helping youths to reflect on the value of life as well as to achieve the goal of “making choices on one’s own and living life to the fullest”. The number of beneficiaries of the programme is expected to exceed 4,000.