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Handover and Inauguration Ceremony of the Po Leung Kuk Board of Directors 2022-23 and 2023-24 Connecting Benevolence in the Society Benefitting the Hong Kong Community

(Hong Kong 25 April 2023) The Handover and Inauguration Ceremony of the Po Leung Kuk Board of Directors 2022-23 and 2023-24 was held today as the charitable work of the Kuk last year was reviewed and the appointment of the incoming Chairman Mrs Winnie W L CHAN and the Board of Directors 2023-24 were also celebrated.


The Ceremony was officiated by the Hon Alice MAK Mei-kuen, SBS, JP, Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs and Mr HO Kai-ming, JP, Acting Secretary for Labour and Welfare, along with various government officials and Po Leung Kuk predecessors in attendance. Members of the Board of Directors 2023-24 (see Appendix I) were sworn into office by Secretary Alice MAK Mei-kuen, SBS, JP, to serve the community in unity and to uphold the motto of the coming year – “Benefitting the Community, Connecting Benevolence”. Acting Secretary HO Kai-ming, JP, also presented awards for Outstanding Merits in Fundraising 2022-23 (see Appendix II) in recognition of the efforts of the winners over the past year.


In his speech, Dr Daniel C Y CHAN, MH, Chairman of the Board of Directors 2022–23, highlighted various milestone moments Po Leung Kuk had experienced last year, including the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Hong Kong SAR and the 75th Anniversary of Po Leung Kuk Educational Services. The largest youth hostel project in Hong Kong, “Po Leung Kuk Lee Shau Kee Youth Oasis,” also began accepting tenancy applications early this year. During the pandemic, Po Leung Kuk also assisted the government in operating the Choi Wing Road Social Welfare Department Holding Centre, providing care services for elderly patients awaiting hospital admissions, and sustained the “Boundless Compassion • Solidarity in Action” COVID-19 Response Programme for the third consecutive year, supporting communities in need through volunteer services, in-kind donations, and fundraising, benefitting over 1.2 million people.


Mrs Winnie W L CHAN, Chairman of the Board of Directors 2023-24, expressed deep gratitude for the support of Po Leung Kuk predecessors and for the dedication and leadership of Chairman Dr Daniel C Y CHAN, and pledged to do her very best, in upholding Po Leung Kuk’s commitment for over a century in serving the community. Plans of the Kuk to further enhance and diversify services for the upcoming year were also outlined, including the promotion of youth work as a primary focus, such as the cultivation of future talents through life planning and entrepreneurship training; establishing a youth volunteer team to promote youth participation in community service. A series of educational, social welfare, history and culture, as well as recreational and other commemorative activities are also in the pipeline, to celebrate the 145th Anniversary of Po Leung Kuk.


In the coming year, Po Leung Kuk will continue to uphold its mission in “protecting the young and the innocent” and to connect benevolence within the community, to benefit the disadvantaged and those in need.  Chairman Winnie W L CHAN urged friends, donors and the wider public, to continue to donate and help the Kuk provide adaptive services to keep abreast of the growing needs of the society. 



Appendix 1:

Po Leung Kuk Board of Directors 2023-2024


Mrs Winnie W L CHAN



Mrs Helena C Y PONG

Mrs Amanda T W LEE

Miss Jenny Y C TAM

Mrs Emily H Y TANG

Mr Arnaldo Y H HO



Mr Louie S N LAM

Mr Clement J W CHEN, JP

Mr Patrick H C KWOK

Mr Andrew NGAN

Mrs Candy W K HO

Ms Carmen K M CHOI

Ms Winnie NG, JP

Mrs Stephanie TANG

Mr Simon S W CHAN


Mr Derek MON

Mr Winson K Y LEUNG


Mrs Laverna J L CHAN TONG 


Appendix 2:

Fund-Raising Awards (2022-2023)*

Champion           Mr Jonathan C K TONG

1st  runner-up     Mrs Helena C Y PONG

2nd runner-up     Miss Jenny Y C TAM

*By convention, funds raised by the Chairman are not accounted for awards.