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Po Leung Kuk Tang Shiu Kin Charitable Fund

Po Leung Kuk Tang Shiu Kin Charitable Fund



The Po Leung Kuk Shiu Kin Charitable Fund provides financial assistance to people from poor families who are suffering from adversities (such as death, accidents, disasters or emergency operations) or have an urgent need for medicine, rehabilitative devices and other materials (such as wheelchairs, walking frames and bathroom aids).

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Those who comply with all of the below conditions are eligible to apply:

  • Be a Hong Kong citizen
  • Fall within the scope of the Fund's predefined criteria
  • Referred by a government department, district board, a community association, a hospital or another charity organization
  • Have never received a grant from this Fund

Amount to be granted

  • The amount in each grant is determined solely by the Committee of the Fund on a case-by-case basis, and cannot exceed HK$10,000.

Documents required for application

  • Application form.
  • Copies of Hong Kong Identity Card of the applicant or his/her family members.
  • Written recommendation by government departments, district boards, community associations, hospitals or another charity organization.
  • Any other documents that will facilitate the Committee in considering the application, such as reports from medical doctors and professionals, death certificate, income statements, address proof, bank passbooks/statements and receipts of major expenditures (e.g. rental).
  • If the referee of the application is also the provider of the goods under application for the grant, at least one more quotation from another supplier is required.

Enquiry Hotline

  • 2277-8108 / 2277-8232

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