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The School is one of the 25 non-profit-making kindergartens-cum-nurseries are under Po Leung Kuk and has joined the Education Bureau’s Kindergarten Education Scheme. The School was established in 1997, and has been serving the district for more than 20 years by upholding the Po Leung spirits of mutual respect, united effort, benevolence, charitable, gratefulness and recognition, and dedication to serving the community. It aims at providing diversified daytime child care and education services for children and their families in need in Yuen Long District. The learning-rich environment cultivates children to become life-long learners with inquiring minds and self-learning abilities. With the generous donation from Ms. Liu Sew Har, the school was renamed as “Po Leung Kuk Liu Sew Har Kindergarten-cum-Child Care Centre” by the Po Leung Kuk Board of Directors in March, 2020.



Children from the age of 2 to 6.



Monday to Friday   From 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday                From 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.



12 installments per year, adjusted annually according to the approval of Education Bureau.  

School Fees of 2023/24 per month: N-$2683, K1-$1479, K2-$1479, K3-1479.
Parents can apply to the Student Financial Assistance Agency for fee subsidy. 
Students attending Nursery (K1), Lower (K2) and Upper (K3) classes can receive fee subsidy via the “Kindergarten Education Scheme”. 

2023-2024 Other Fees and Charges

2022-2023 Other Fees and Charges





Equipped with kitchen, which provides a wide variety of well-balanced breakfast, lunch, fruits and afternoon tea daily. No preserved food is served to ensure healthy diets for our students.  



Children above the age of 12 months can apply.

Parents can apply in person, or download theapplication form from the school website and submit it in person or by post.

Children are required to take a physical examination before attending the school.

2024-2025 Admission Procedure



100% qualified teachers who possess with caring, patient and inclusive mind to every child, and are committed to pursue continuing education, so as to provide exceptional education for children and foster their holistic personal development.






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