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Po Leung Kuk 145th Anniversary Charity Walk

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Po Leung Kuk 145th Anniversary Charity Walk

Walk together with over a ten thousand of participants and

support the needy and underprivileged!

We are pleased to announce that the captioned annual event will be held on Saturday, 27th January 2024 at the Hong Kong Stadium.  More than 10,000 participants from the Kuk’s over 300 service units, government departments, corporations and community organizations will join the event to raise funds for the multi-faceted services and to celebrate the 145th anniversary of the Kuk.


The Walk encourages participants to join together with their family and friends, and helps promote harmonious family relationship and build up team spirit.  Participants will walk together in downtown and natural trails as well as enjoy the newly introduced mobile games along the route.  You and your child(ren) are cordially invited to take part in this meaningful and healthy event.


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