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Po Leung Kuk Dress Special Day 23/24

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Dress Special Day 23/24


Po Leung Kuk has been committed to serving the needy and the less privileged in the community for over 145 years. Same as in the past, we hope to work together to benefit the grassroots and the underprivileged groups in a joyous atmosphere.


To bring more positive energy into the society during this festive season, Po Leung Kuk Dress Special Day, with the theme of Po Leung Studios this year, aims to encourage participants to dress up as movie charactes and compete for the “Best Dressed Award”.


With the expenses of this campaign sponsored by the Kuk’s Board of Directors, all proceeds will be used to support Kuk’s affiliated units as well as the continuous development of the Kuk’s multi-facet services for the needy. Please do not hesitate and show your support to this meaningful event.


Participants are encouraged to dress up in their favourite outfits in festive style or with a special theme, and solicit sponsorships from family and friends for the worthwhile cause.


Event PosterSponsorship Appeal Form (Individuals)  


Event Brief (Corporates / Organisations) (Chinese Version Only)


Participation Form (Corporates / Organisations) (Chinese Version Only)  Donate now

Programme Details

Date: 15th December 2023 (Friday), or select any day on or before 31st January 2024

Usage of Fund: All expenses of this campaign is sponsored by Board of Directors of Po Leung Kuk. All proceeds will support over 300 service units for the benefits of the needy.

Award Scheme: Participants would receive the following awards in recognition of their keen involvement


(A)  Fund-raising Awards and Highest Number of Participants Award  

(i)     Gold Award (Fund-raised of $30k or above)

(ii)    Silver Award (Fund-raised of $20k or above)

(iii)   Bronze Award (Fund-raised of $10k or above)

(iv)   The Highest Fund-raising Award (1 awardee)

(v)    The Highest Number of Participants Award (1 awardee)

(B)    Best Dressed Award

Best Dressed Awards with most impressive themes (5 awardees)

Organisations/ public participants who are interested in competing for the award, please provide the photos via one of the mentioned methods on or before 9th February 2024

  1. Email:Email the photos to [email protected]
  2. Social media:Upload the photos on individual social platforms (i.e. Facebook or Instagram), with the hashtag “#PLK_Dress_Special_Day”, and default as a “public post”;or comment with your photos under the posts related to PLK_Dress_Special_Day on Facebook and hashtag “#PLK_Dress_Special_Day”.

All photos will be processed through PLK and 10 works will be shortlisted and uploaded on Facebook to compete for “Best Dressed Awards with most impressive themes”. The top 5 competitors who receive the most “likes” will be the winners and will be awarded with exquisite presents.

First 10 shortlisted units will be awarded with souvenirs respectively.

All participants will receive an event sticker 



Fund-raising Gift(s)


Gifts are available while stocks last!


Donate now

For donation receipt, please capture the transaction record (with payment date and time), attached with name on receipt, mailing address and stating "PLK Dress Special Day"  to whatsapp number 6708 2413 (Po Leung Kuk Fund-raising Department)


1. via PLK Website


2. via FPS



3.  via Alipay



1. Donations of $100 or above are tax-deductible. An official donation receipt will be issued by PLK.

2. For PLK affiliated schools/units/service users, please contact your respective units for details.

3. Enquiry:2277 8118