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Let the life on life interaction continue - JACKY

Everyone just wants to go home right after work.

But for Jacky, he chose to stay at the service unit after work and taught teenagers dance till midnight, so as to inspire them to pursue their dreams of being dancers. 


Jacky was once a rebellious teenager that had run away from home. After reconciling with his family and returned home, Jacky decided to devote his future career to navigating youths for their directions in life. Later when he joined the Po Leung Kuk F.S.F.T. Children and Youth Development Centre, he discovered that the youngsters in the district were lack of love and care, caused them wandering the streets, and turning into non-engaged and at-risk youths.   


Jacky believes that these youths are talented. Many of them are great street dancers. He then tried to encourage them to reach their full potential through joining the Centre’s dance workshops and dancing with them till midnight. His dedication eventually opened their hearts and put them back on the right track. The youngsters at last won the prizes in the “Dream Stage” Dancing Competition. Some of them has also joined the Po Leung Kuk family afterwards to serve other teenagers at the Centre, and let the life on life interaction continue.     


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