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Po Leung Kuk Museum

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Commemorative Plaques


  • Beginning from 1950, after each term of the Board is completed, a commemorative plaque is unveiled with the porcelain photos of each director and an inscription of major events of the respective year.
  • Some of the plaques between 1960s and 1970s featured inscriptions written by famous calligrapher Au Kin-kung. Au had been providing his calligraphy to Po Leung Kuk’s plaques and couplets since the 1930s.

  • Au Kin-kung was a calligrapher known for his mastery of Wei Dynasty inscriptions. Since the 1930s, he had been teaching calligraphy and made copybooks for schools. Banners and couplets of many stores and organisations in Hong Kong had invited Au to share his brushstrokes, which shaped the cultural image of streets and the impression of calligraphy in the city.

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