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Introduction to Tian Jiu Therapy


Tian Jiu is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy. On a specific day calculated according to the traditional Chinese calendar, pungent, warm and Yang-boosting medicine is applied to specific acupuncture points or affected parts of the human body. The stimulation of the medicine and the absorption of the acupoints will cause local skin congestion, even foaming. It stimulates the regulation of meridians, mobilize the immune function of the body, and achieve the effect of improving resistance and preventing diseases.

Tian Jiu is mostly carried out during the “San Fu” days of summer and the “San Jiu” days of winter. According to the calculation of the traditional Chinese calendar, the “San Fu” day is the day when the Yang energy in nature is the most vigorous in a year, and the “San Jiu” day is the day when the Yang energy in the natural world is the weakest. According to the corresponding theory of heaven and man, during these days the human body is correspondingly in the most vigorous yang energy or the weakest state. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Tian Jiu therapy at this time has the best curative effect. San Jiu and San Fu therapies are combined to regulate Yin and Yang, nourishing San Fu in summer and San Jiu in winter have complementary effects on the body.


2023 San Jiu Tian Jiu Therapy

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Respiratory diseases: such as allergic rhinitis, chronic cough, chronic bronchitis, asthma, susceptibility, etc.

Gastrointestinal diseases: such as chronic stomach pain, chronic diarrhea, etc.

Pain: low back pain, dysmenorrhea, etc.

Deficiency and cold constitution: such as cold hands and feet, chills, etc.



Pregnant women, children under two years old

Asthma exacerbation, fever, sore throat

Patients with pulmonary tuberculosis, severe cardiopulmonary insufficiency, severe diabetes, malignant tumors, G6PD deficiency (faba bean syndrome)

Severe skin diseases, skin allergies, multiple damaged skin, etc.


Application time

1 hour for adults (20 minutes for under 16 years old) application time is based on your own tolerance.


Skin reaction at the application site

There may be irritating sensations such as burning, tingling

May be slightly red, itchy

Some people develop blisters

Scarring or hyperpigmentation may occur



Local skin heating, burning pain, itching, redness, swelling or blisters are normal phenomena after the patch is applied.

If blisters appear on the skin, care should be taken to protect the wound surface. If it is small, it does not need to be treated so that it can be absorbed by itself. If it is large, patient should return to the clinic for treatment or see a doctor. Do not puncture it by yourself to avoid scratching and causing infection.

The diet should be light, avoid cold, spicy, frying or barbecue food; avoid eggs, beef and lamb, seafood, shrimp and crab, goose, glutinous rice, taro, mango, pineapple, lychee, durian, etc., so as not to hinder the therapeutic effect.

On the day of treatment, it is not advisable to dip the patched area in cold water or scrub with irritating items such as soap, and it is not advisable to take a bath with too cold or too hot water for the next few days.


The above content is for reference only, if in doubt, please consult your registered Chinese medicine practitioner.