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The Board of Management of The Chinese Permanent Cemeteries Life Organiser: Positive Life Journey

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Life Organiser: Positive Life Journey was funded by The Board of Management of The Chinese Permanent Cemeteries (“BMCPC”). Starting from November 2023, this 1-year programme aims to promote the concept of organising one’s life and convey positive mindset, encouraging the public to relieve the burden and pressure in their lives as well as to let go of the impacts of negative emotions and relationships. The programme aims to deepen the concept of life education through online and offline publicity activities with the use of online media and the Lifeline Express promotion truck. The programme is expected to benefit no less than 3,000 people.


In addition, BMCPC subsidised the Kuk’s rehabilitation services to implement the “Decluttering” Life Education to the disabled and their family members for promoting life and death education about facing death with a positive attitude. Besides, palliative care services were also launched to enhance the quality of life of the disabled in their twilight years. At the same time, through working together with the disabled to integrate their life experiences, the disabled could learn to value the significant individuals and events in their lives, thus learning to understand the meaning of life.