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Po Leung Kuk One Belt One Road Series: Guangxi Educational Exchange Programme

In order to promoting cultural and educational exchanges between Hong Kong and Guangxi, the Ministry of Education of the PRC has allocated a fund to sponsor the exchange program to a Belt and Road city named Guilin in Guangxi Province. Given the coordination work of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the HKSAR, as well as assisted by Guangxi Normal University, a delegation of 30 principals, teachers and staff visited Guangxi from 6 to 11 November, 2017, to take part in six-day educational exchange programme.
The delegation was invited to visit the Guangxi Normal University, Guilin Middle School, Guilin Ronghu Primary School, and Guilin Jiexi Kindergarten for campus tour, lesson observation and exchange of profession ideas. The other core activities were the visits to Guilin Museum, Elephant Trunk Hill Park, Liaison Office of the Eighth Route Army and Reed Flute Cave to cultivate due respect for differences in culture and history.

Throughout the exchange period, the delegation participated in a variety of school-based activities. This provided them with opportunities not only to share experience in curriculum planning and teaching pedagogy, but also to enrich the communication and cultural exchange of the Belt and Road city's educators.