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The affiliated kindergartens Education Seminar

The affiliated kindergartens Education Seminar 2018/19 took place at Po Leung Kuk Headquarters on 7th December 2018, with the topic of “Set Eyes on the World : Exploring Nurturing Space for Children at an Early Age”. The officiating guest was Mrs. CHAN SIU Suk Fan, Principal Assistant Secretary (Kindergarten Education) from Education Bureau. 

In the morning session, our guest speaker, Dr. Wong Kwok Shing, Richard, Assistant Professor in the Department of Early Childhood Education of The Education University of Hong Kong gave a meaningful talk on “How to Build Up in Learning through Play”. In the afternoon session, Dr. CHEUNG Chuen Yih Amos, President of The Hong Kong Psychological Society and the Clinical Psychologist gave a talk on “How to Identify and Support the SEN Students” and Dr. Elaine S.W. Chan, School-based Educational Psychology Service Supervisor from Education Affairs Department of Po Leung Kuk gave a talk on “The Inspiration in Positive Education after the Australia Tour”. About 400 teachers attended the seminar.