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Monday,June25,2018Po Leung Kuk Flag Day 

Po Leung Kuk Flag Day

Date :

Wednesday, 15 August 2018


7:00 am – 12:30 p.m



Usage of Funds:

Donation will be used for the designated social and education services as follows:

  1. 1.Nurture the youth creativity and artistic ability and enhance their understanding of local cultural development through arts development and community projects
  2. 2.Elderly Services including elderly homes / centers, community canteens and life education
  3. 3.Rehabilitation Support Center which provides dental treatment to people with disabilities
  4. 4.Enhance Education Service quality by providing all-rounded training

Corporation / Organization Support

Together with you, as a business/organization that cares, we can bring about much fruitful results for the benefit of the needy. You can support by:

  1. 1.Providing free insertion of the Flag Day donation leaflet in the correspondences/statements/e-statement/e-letter to be sent to your customers
  2. 2.Placing donation box(es) in your branches/outlets
  3. 3.Participation in the outdoor flag-selling on the Flag Day
  4. 4.Promoting indoor flag-selling among staff and customers

Download Participation Information and Reply Form:

Corporate / Organization

Individual Volunteers

New Flag Design:

We launch a set of five brand new flags this year, representing the Kuk’s vision.

flag designs


Awards will be presented to corporations / organizations and

Po Leung Kuk’s service units that achieve top results.


online donation button/ Download Donation Form


Tel: 2277 8105 (Fund-raising Department)

Email: flagday@poleungkuk.org.hk