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Medical Assistance Fund-raising Programme
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Po Leung Kuk is always concerned about the well-being of the underprivileged, particularly the elderly and the poor. To cater for the increasing need of medical services, the Kuk has set up the "Po Leung Kuk Medical Assistance Fund-raising programme" which aims at seeking public donation to support the long-term development of the Kuk's medical services.

Message from Ms Myolie Wu, Programme Ambassador

With monthly donation of HK$100, you can help subsidies the elderly or underprivileged to receive free general out-patient service, obtain treatment or assessment, or to buy medicine or equipment*. 

Case Sharing

Mr. Chan, suffering from hypertension and illnesses such as flu and fever, spent long time queuing for public general out-patient clinics. Knowing that Po Leung Kuk provides free GOP services for those aged 65 or above with 3-day basic medicines that supported by the Medical Assistance Fund-raising Programmes, he is now able to receive medical consultation from the Kuk within an hour's time, and is also referred to Geriatrics Specialist Out-patient Clinic regarding his hypertension problem.

Giving Medical Assistance to the Needy

With the support of "Po Leung Kuk Medical Assistance Fund-raising Programme", we shall provide the following services:

  • Day-to-day Support: Provision of free general out-patient (GOP) services for the elders and underprivileged in need;
  • Emergency Assistance: Provide subsidies for the underprivildged patients waitlisted at public medical facilities to receive early treatment or advance investigation, and to buy medicine or equipment;
  • Service Development: Support medical-related service betterment and development of the Kuk.

Donation Methods

Please support! Donors can either support by giving "Monthly Donations" or a "One-off Donation".

Simply download and complete the donation form, and send it together with a crossed cheque, pay-in slip (original copy) or credit card information to Finance Department, Po Leung Kuk, 66 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Act Now! 

*For detailed information about the Programme services and eligibility requirement for relevant subsidies, please contact our Social Services Department via phone on 2277 8446 or by email: soc.admin@poleungkuk.org.hk