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Child Sponsorship Programme
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Child Sponsorship Programme Introduction


After seeing an advertisement for the Po Leung Kuk Child Sponsorship Programme, I was moved by the work of PLK in caring for people less fortunate than myself, and I was keen to contribute in whatever way I could. After getting my mother's approval, I signed up for the Child Sponsorship Program.

Mum had warned me not to join the Sponsorship Programme purely on impulse. I promised her that I would save up some of my pocket money each day to help pay for the sponsorship. At the beginning, she did not really believe that I could do it. In spite of that, I spent my pocket money frugally and even learnt how to manage my finances responsibly from a young age.

Mum was so impressed by my effort that she also joined the Child Sponsorship Programme. We now visit our sponsored children together and share the fun and joy in meeting them. I am so happy that we can do charity work and care for others together.



My wife and I joined the Po Leung Kuk Child Sponsorship Program a year ago. We did not know much about Po Leung Kuk at the start, but soon after joining the program, we became a lot more aware of the work of PLK. We sponsored two children - both aged 4. Being away from their families at such a young age, they craved for love and attention. During our visits, we could deeply feel their sense of betterment through the small contributions we make each month.

The Po Leung Kuk Child Sponsorship Program allows us to spend time with these young children and I sincerely hope that the program gains wider support and more people get involved.



Sponsorship Method

Simply complete the donation form and send it together with a crossed cheque, pay-in slip (original copy) or credit card information to Finance Department, Po Leung Kuk, 66 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Enquiry Hotline: (852)2277 8217.

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