Po Leung Kuk Castar Primary School

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  • School Year:2009-2010
  • Project Name / Purpose:On-Site Meal Portioning Project
  • Funding Sources:The Environment and Conservation Fund
  • Subsidized Amount:$1,213,947.09

Introduction:To encourage schools to reduce food waste and disposable lunch boxes, the government has launched 'On-site Meal Portioning' in order to provide funding and technical support for schools to install facilities.

As our school committed to protecting the environment and promoting the health of students through serving a balanced meal, we applied for the 'On-site Meal Portioning' Project in December, 2009 and were granted over 1.2 million dollars to install the facilities and necessary equipments in our school.

Constructions were held during the summer holiday in 2010. Starting from the new academic year of 2010/11, meals would be prepared and delivered by the lunch supplier at the food factory whereas rice and vegetables are cooked on-site at school. Besides, meals would be distributed to students in reusable trays. In such a way, we can provide students healthier food with better nutritional value and freshness. Moreover, the amount of food served can be flexibly adjusted according to students' individual needs whereby food waste can be reduced.

New Kitchen Photos School site meal programs

Installation of new facilities and equipments with the support of the Environment & Conservation Fund