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Corporate Support
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Together with you, as a business that cares, we can create, coordinate, and support meaningful tailor-made activities and projects that match the needs of the less fortunate.


From campaign sponsorship, co-organising fundraising events, charity sale to simply placing donation boxes -- there are so many easy ways to support fundraising work of Po Leung Kuk.

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Corporate Volunteer Team

Let’s team up and join! Your participations in “Children Sponsorship Programme” and “District Elderly Campaign” connect your teams with children and elderly at Po Leung Kuk. Please do not hesitate to share and serve. Thank you for joining Po Leung Kuk!

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You can support Po Leung Kuk by giving regular donations or a one-off donation.

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If you come up with any creative CSR initiatives, or would like to explore ways of partnership, call our Corporate Communications and Public Relations Department at 2277 8352.